Your site will need a name to use for its address on the Internet. If your business or organisation is international in scope, then a .com or .org name will suffice. If you are an Australian company or organisation, then a or name will be more suitable. You will need to be a registered company or to have an ABN to be eligible for a name. Sometimes it is advantageous to purchase both a AND a .com simply to prevent anyone else using it.

There is also another option and that is to have a .au domain signifying it is an Australian site. To be eligible you will need to demonstrate an “Australian presence.”

I use an Australian company with very competitively priced domain names. All you have to do is decide what name you want and I will check if it is available and arrange the purchase. Domains can also be transferred if you already have an existing domain.


Western Web Design will arrange to publish your site as part of the service. The cost starts at $140 per year for the hosting of a basic site. [A basic site will have up to about six pages.]

Larger sites will be a little more. This comes with email accounts to suit your company or organisation, contact forms, images and other useful stuff such as statistics software, databases and as much disk space and data transfer as is necessary for your particular site.