Content Management System (CMS)

Regardless of the type of site you require, if you want the facility to be able to update the site yourself you will need a Content Management System to be incorporated. As mentioned before, if you only need occasional updates we are happy to do this at no charge.

A CMS as the name implies is a way of managing the data on your website so that it is a simple matter for you to update and control your data without needing to know any of the technical stuff. This site is set up with a database to contain all the data on the site and allows you access to maintain it. An Editor’s Manual is included. It is impossible to estimate costs without knowing your situation, but a ball-park figure for a basic site with a CMS would be $1200.

Interactive Organisation or Club Website

A further instance of using a CMS would be for a club or organisation setting up a website for active use by members. This may contain data such as a public area with information and contact form, an automatic member signup with email address verification, a members profile page with basic information & photos, a discussion forum with opt-in / opt-out email notification on new post, a news section for adding new information / articles etc, a central calendar of events for members to view, a photo gallery for members to upload photos, a members list and search with links to individual member profiles, an administration area to administer all content, discussions, photos and members and multiple security profiles to allow certain members more access to assist in administration.

A CMS for such a site would be in the region of $2500 but again it depends on how comprehensive your requirements are. If not all of the features are required, the price would be correspondingly less.